Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spinning Wheel 2/14/11

My husband Phillip for Valentine's Day brought me my 1st Spinning Wheel. It is Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel. My friend Jennifer who is teaching me how to spin, has one of these wheels. The both of us can't say enough good things about the Kromski Fantasia. I purchased it unfinished so I can put our rabbitry logo on it. Once I get it put together I will include photos of it.

Here is some information about it taken from The Woolery's website at

The newest of the Kromski collection. Yes, a thoroughly modern wheel in every aspect but the concept and design are obviously Kromski. What is not obvious is a new single drive flyer design. The whorl is "changeable" for different speeds; to change the bobbins (all Kromski bobbins fit the Fantasia), the front of the flyer simply pulls off - no drive band to deal with in this adaptation of the original Kromski Quick Change Flyer. Very fast bobbin change. The wheel and the flyer spin on sealed bearings for an exceptionally soft feel.

•Wheel: diameter - 18"; double treadle
•Orifice: height - 28"; diameter - 3/8"
•3 bobbins - these interchange with any Kromski regular bobbins
•Single drive with Scotch tension; interchangeable whorls; sliding hooks on flyer
•Threading hook; attached bobbin holder; oil bottle; elastic drive band
•Ratios: standard - 5 and 8:1; optional - 10 and 14:1, 18 and 20:1
•Wood/Look choices: unfinished wood and MDF wheel; finished wood and veneered MDF wheel with contrasting wheel
•Accent piece: walnut on clear or clear on walnut.
•Weight: 13.5 lbs.
•Kit - assembles very quickly

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