Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Treatment for Sore Hocks

All the years of breeding and showing rabbits I have never in counted sore hocks in any of my rabbits. The other day I noticed one of our Flemish Giants was lying kind of funny in her pen. I took her out to see if I could see anything wrong. When I flipped her over, there was hair on the bottom of her pads missing in one place on each foot, with a small sore on each hind foot.  I am not sure how this particular rabbit started to have sore hocks. She is in a big pen with wooden flooring. She has saw dust as bedding in one corner of her hutch that she pees in. The rest of the hutch is lined with straw. Her cage is disinfected and cleaned twice a week.

I went in the house I told my husband about the rabbit and her feet. My husband came out and looked at the rabbit’s feet for himself.  I asked my husband to gather some supplies. The supplies that we would need was Antibacterial Dish or Hand Soap, 2-3 bowls, Epson Salt,  Antiseptic Mouth Wash, Triple Antibiotic Ointment and a towel. Keep in mind it helps if two people are doing this, one to hold the rabbit, the other to treat.

1.     Add warm not hot water to a bowl.
2.     Dip the rabbit’s feet into the warm water.
3.     Apply Antibacterial Dish or Hand Soap on the area.
4.     Message the soap into the sore.
5.     Next dip the rabbits feet back into the water.
6.     Squeegee excess water off the hind feet.
7.     Then towel dry.
8.     Take another bowl and Epson Salt to the warm water.
9.     Let the rabbits back feet soak for 2-3 minutes.
10.  Squeegee the excess water off the hind feel.
11.  Then towel dry.
12.  Take a cap full of Antiseptic Mouth Wash we use the Original Flavor which is clear.
13.  Add the cap full to the empty bowl.
14.  Soak the rabbit’s feet for 2 minutes.
15.  Lastly apply Triple Antibiotic Ointment to the pads of the feet.

Then put the rabbit back into the clean cage, with clean bedding and a clean resting mat, we use EZ- Matt.

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