Monday, August 27, 2012

Bugaboo -x- Glenda Satin Angora's

Congratulations to the proud parents Fuzzibutt's Sneak A Peak "Bugaboo" (Black) -x- HH The Good Withc "Glenda" (Red). Glenda gave birth to 11 beautiful Satin Angora babies in a rainbow of colors.  The one with my hand has points on it (nose, feet, eyes, and tail are darker in color) not sure what color it will be.

Gigantor -x- Maybelline litter

Congratulations to G.C. Fuzziubtt's Gigantor, Reg. "Gigantor" (REW)-x- Fuzzibutt's Maybelline "Maybelline" (Black) on there two little Giant Angora's born in August. Photo taken at 12 days old. One of the kits in this litter is already a full pound!

Neither babies are for sale at this time!

Treats for the bunnies and cavy's

Each day we try to give the bunnies and cavy's treats. Here is the portion that the Texel's receive. The bunnies get a large chunk of the sweet potato.

Cavy Info.

I now have over 25 signatures for my Cavy Registrars Application; I only need 20 Adult ARBA Member endorsements. I’ll be turning in my application to ARBA shortly. I’ve been studying the ARBA’s Standard of Perfection for Cavy’s as well as the Cavy Registrars Study Guide (work book).
I even had the unique opportunity to go to a Cavy Judge’s house to see her Caviary and have “hands on” teaching! 

Here is a list of the breeds I had the pleasure of learning about in person: American, American Satin, Abyssinia, Abyssinia Satin, Peruvian, Peruvian Satin, Silkie, Silkie Satin and Texel. Did you know in the Cavy Breed’s there is different variations of Red Eyes? I saw Lilac and Red cavy’s. The Lilac cavy (sorry I don’t remember the breed) was a beautiful color! Then the red cavy boar that I saw was the color of an Irish Setter.

I was taught about proper cavy flooring. Cavy’s cannot or should I say should not live on wire bottom cages! Did you know cavy’s are born with their eyes open?

Cute Photos...Back To School

Here are some cute photos that Jessica and I did for the Back to School theme for the United Angora Rabbit Club.

Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry now has Texel's

Its official; since I am pursing my Cavy Register's License I decided to get a breeding (brood) pair or Texel Cavy's to breed and start my own show string in the future. Texel's are the Guinea Pigs with dread locks that I like to call them. The more curl the better!

The boar is named Hagrid, he's a Silver Solid and the sow is named Hermione and she is a golden solid. Hagrid and Hermione are currently caged together so hopefully in 70 days (length of gestation) I'll have little Texel’s running around.
Photos will be posted soon!

Hagrid pulled his top teeth out...

Hagrid is one of my new Texel Guinea Pigs. The other day I gave him and Hermione a bath and was checking their teeth out. I was not aware that cavy teeth were so long. Well the next day I was feeding them parsley and a chunk of sweet potatoes and noticed that Hagrid did not eat his sweet potato. I picked him up to and noticed that he no longer has his top teeth! I immediately contacted that lady I purchased him from and she said sometimes cavy's due pull their teeth out.

Bottom Teeth
One of Hagrid's Top Teeth Pulled Out

Hagrid's Mouth with out his Top Teeth