Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Show String for 2014

This spring we will be showing English Angoras, French Angoras, Giant Angoras, Satin Angoras  and Flemish Giants and a few American Chinchillas.

In Youth Jessica plans to show the following: English Angora and Harlequins

Cavy Show String for 2014

Right now the hard decision is choosing which cavy’s will be attending shows this spring. At any given time our decision to substitute cavy’s depends on how well the animal travels, condition, coat condition, etc.



Ticking Away



Peruvian Satins





Little Boar

In Youth Jessica plans to show the following:  American, Peruvian and Teddies.


Now the waiting game begins

On Friday 1/17 my daughter and I drove to Bluff City, TN from Delaware (8 hour drive each way) and stayed at our good friend’s home. I was scheduled to take my Cavy Registrars Exam on Saturday. After a wonderful breakfast and many cups of coffee I took my “Oral Exam.” This consisted of examining multiple cavies for disqualifications, and color identification. I even needed to tag a piggy. After that adventure I went and took my written test which consisted of 75 questions from the ARBA Standard of Perfection.  After lunch and chatting for quite a while Jessica and I hit the road and headed back to Delaware.

Now the waiting game begins to find out if I passed my test or not, I needed to score a 70% or better on both the oral and written parts of the exam. If I passed I will be sent a packet in the mail which will include four sealed envelopes for me to hand out to three different judges and the Cavy Registrar I choose to work with. I need to work three cavy shows and have the endorsement of two different cavy judges. The key is to find judges who do not judge the same local shows. I will also need to work with a cavy registrar and obtain their endorsement as well. Once all the paper work reaches the ARBA Office and is reviewed I should get my Cavy Registrars Certificate in the mail.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Homes

Today Elvis and Paddington went to their new home in PA. There new owners are three lovely and enthusiastic children (two girls and a boy) who are eager to love on both piggy’s. Early this morning both Elvis and Paddington had a Spa Treatment. Pedicure and manicure and a nice foamy bubble bath and towel dry along with a nice airflow of warm airflow from the dryer before they met there new family.

I am always pleased when a new family adopts one of our “Fuzzibutt’s” and love and cares for them as much as we do. Here’s to a new life with a wonderful new retirement home.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bath time for Riddles

This is after we took Riddles wraps out of her coat.

All the grooming supplies ( wraps, bands, combs, nail clipper and dryer).

Shampoo and Conditioner and lots of towels.

Playing in the water.

Drying off

Coat being blown out

Treat just because I'm cute!

What I look like after my bath and before my wraps are put back in.

Elvis and Paddington

Friday, January 3, 2014

Occasionally we may have a few rabbits and or Cavy's available to pet/retirment homes...

Occasionally we may have a few Cavy's available to pet/retirement home. 
This little guys is named Whizzer. When he was a baby he would pee on me every time I picked him up. He has since grown out of that, thank goodness. Whizzer has been shown as a junior Peruvian Broken Boar. He is still being coated out for show. I am parting with him because he needs more patches of white on him  succeed in open competition. He has been handled often, used to being bathed, groomed and blow dried. He does not come with a pedigree. Please inquire for price.
This is Whizzer showing his white patches as a baby.
This is what Whizzer looks like currently with his coat still being coated out for show.

Henry is a Self Red Abyssinian Boar. He is not show quality due to a few missing rosettes. However, this will not stop him from being a great pet. Henry will not be sold with a pedigree. Please inquire for price.


Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Harlequins

This year Christmas the "Bunny Stork" was very good to Jessica. She had a litter of 10 Harlequins born on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day she had a litter of 2 born. Both litters are by the same sire and unrelated moms.

First Snow Fall of the New Year

Here are a few photos of the Beautiful Snow. School and most business in the area were closed today. The freezing temperature caused the roads to freeze over night, which made the roads hazards for those who had to venture out in the cold. Our back road did not get plowed until late this evening. Surprising since we have many fire fighter who live down our road. The current temperature is 11 degrees out side. Thank goodness our critters are housed in our garage where it is insulated and nice and warm and protected from the cold wind.