Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Breed Justice

No matter which breed a breeder chooses to breed, exhibit or specialize in, one must have both general and breed specific knowledge in order to do the breed or breeds justice. Is it possible for a breeder to have both general and breed specific knowledge of various breeds in their barn?

Let’s use us as an example. Here at Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry we breed and show six different breeds of rabbits. I agree, if I was looking for a particular breed of rabbit and a rabbi try had this many breeds I would be cautious as well. I would automatically assume that the quality on the rabbits are not the best. How can any one have breed specific knowledge with so many breeds in their barn.

The answerer to this is by the quality of their rabbits being shown. How there rabbits are cared for both at home and at shows. Is the breeder a member of local and national rabbit clubs for their particular breeds. Are they active in there national breed clubs. Do they bring tons of rabbits to a show and only compete against them selves? Or do they bring various breeds with only a few rabbits in their breed to show.

Many people have both general and breed specific knowledge. I myself am working towards my registers license. Some day I want to be a rabbit judge. I feel that I would be a major assets to angora exhibitors. Since I personally have breed and shown all four breeds of angoras. I know the differences in wool and what to look for.

I show all four angora breeds as well as Rex. Phillip shows Flemish Giants, where as Jessica dabbles in a little bit of everything. However, Jessica’s heart breed if you will is the Jersey Woolies. When I say “We” I mean Phillip, Jessica and my self. We all help each other with our breeding and showing goals. However, each one of us have our own specific breeds that we work. We each have general knowledge of the other’s breeds. Along with our own breed  knowledge for our chosen breeds.

My husband Phillip, only breeds Flemish Giants. He has specialized in Black and Blues. Recently, he ventured into White Flemish Giants. The varieties he choose to work with he understands their strengths and weakness. So he has committed him self to produce Flemish Giants with the correct color, bone, size and bulk which the breed standard calls for.

I started off with English and Giant Angoras. Only with in the past year did I add both French and Satin Angoras to the mix. I feel that my vast knowledge in both English and Giant Angoras can cross over to me producing nicely typed French and Satin Angoras with the correct coat texture and density for their specific breeds.

I  also breed and show Rex in Red. Some of my foundation stock is Broken  Castor or Broken Red. Do I cull these out of the litters since I really want to work with Reds. No, I keep the best typed and best furred animals for my breeding and show stock. The others I pet out or offer to other breeders.

Jessica has decided to concentrate on breeding and showing Jersey Woolies. Even though, Jessica is still a kid, she has done a lot of research as well as talking with different breeds at shows. Which has helped Jessica have the correct Jersey Woolies that she wants to breed set up in her mind. Jessica has the general knowledge of breeding, caring and showing rabbits. Now she must work on breed specific knowledge to only keep the best that closely resembles her ideal Jersey Woolies.

With this being said, do we as breeders that choose to breed, exhibit or specialize in, various breeds able to have both general and breed specific knowledge. Are we making a difference with various breeds around the rabbi try? I believe by the rabbits that we breed and show here at Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry are an accomplishing great things both on the show table and in the nest box.

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