Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alex's Angora Acre's Liebchen

"Liebchen" with her grow back coat from Feb. 2012.

Keeping Rabbits Cool

With the temperatures hitting upwards of 102-105 here in Delaware lately...we have decided to move all of our juniors and show stock into the house. We keep our house nice and cool with the a/c and fans running full time in my spare bedroom just for the rabbits.

Our rabbitry is insulated and it's pretty cool, for those rabbis who are still out in the rabbitry we carry frozen water bottles out to everyone a few times a day. We go out every 1/2 hour to mist the rabbit’s ears with cool water. We have fans running 24/7 for the rabbits. We are very blessed that we have not lost one life due to this summer’s heat weaves!

This is what my spare room looks like right now....rabbit pans are emptied and cleaned twice a day then sprayed with white vinegar to keep the smell down.

Silvertones Makes Me Blush "Peony"

Silvertones Makes Me Blush "Peony" is a junior {February 2012} REW English Angora who will be shown this fall. She currently lives in my spare bedroom where it's nice and cool.

Fuzzibutt's Gett'n Jiggy W It "Will"

Fuzzibutt's Gett'n Jiggy W It "Will" is being offered for sale to a pet/fiber home with no pedigree. He was born on January 29, 2012. He won't be 6 months till July 29, 2012.

Photo of him in his junior coat

Photo of him currently clipped down in his "puppy clip"

Lip Gloss's Giant Angora Litter

Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry would like to introduce....

Fuzzibutt's I Like To Move It, Reg. "Move It" {Multiple BOB Winner with 10 Legs}
Fuzzibutt's It's Poppin "Lip Gloss" {Multiple BOB Winner with 8 Legs} (will be registered this fall)

New Litter of baby Giant Angoras born on July 28, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fuzzibutt's Fuzzylicious

Fuzzibutt's Fuzzylicious is a Giant Angora buck who was born on September 7, 2011. He is out of G.C. Fuzzibutt's Gigantor, Reg. "Gigantor" {Best of Breed, Best in Wool, Best in Specialty Show Wool 2012 National Angora Rabbit Club} -x- Fuzzibutt's Simply Fabulous, Reg. "Fabulous"

Fuzzylicious is available to a pet/fiber home with out a pedigree!

Adult Coat

Adult Coat 

Adult Coat 

Clipped Coat

Clipped Coat 

Clipped Coat 

Clipped Coat 

Clipped Coat 

Clipped Coat 

Clipped Coat 

Clipped Coat 

Junior Show Coat

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An ounce of prevention...

Every morning and night our rabbits are provided with fresh clean cold water.  Jessica and I go out to the rabbitry multiple times a day to check on everyone when the weather is getting hotter.

This morning Jessica and I went out to check all the rabbits to make sure everyone drank from there water bottles. We looked at every single water bottle to make sure some amount of water is missing from last night when bottles were filled up.

Today it's humid and the temperature is rising. Later in the week it's supposed to be 100 Degrees on Thursday and Friday. While doing our early evening check on all the bunnies Jessica noticed that one of my newly weaned bunnies {8 1/2 week old} did not drink from her water bottle. Jessica tapped on the water bottle to see if any water would come out. Jessica opened the cage door and put her finger where the ball would rotate for the rabbit to be able to lick with her tong to get a drink of water. Jessica comes over to me with the water bottle to tell me that the ball is stuck in the tubing so no water will come out. Thank goodness Jessica was prescient in checking water bottles! Once the water bottle was replaced  the poor little girl drank and drank.

Our rabbits at Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry are very luck in the fact that they see Jessica and myself multiple times a day. We usually feed in the morning before it gets warm out side. One of us will feed and the other one will fill all the water bottles. In the afternoon everyone is given a small handful of hay to munch on. In the evening all bottles are emptied and every rabbit is given fresh water again. At bedtime all the rabbits are given a treat such as a ginger snap, piece of carrot, apple, animal cracker.

The moral of this little story is please check the intake of all your animals daily during the hot weather. If we would of waited to check the rabbits water bottles in the morning {24 hours latter} the little bun would be dehydrated with the heat!