Friday, January 23, 2015

Primary Care Giver…

Here at Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary I am the primary care giver for the critters. My husband works full time, is a full time college student, and taking the maximum number of credits every seven to fifteen weeks year round…working on his Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Health.  Since I am home 99% of the time I give EVERYONE a handful of hay in the mornings. I go through with plastic clothes pins (blue for water and white for feed). For each rabbit I go through and put a white clothes pin on each cage if the rabbit did not finish its food the night before. I usually feed around 7 pm or 9 pm and go out in the mornings after my coffee and a quick glance at my email around 9 am. If someone has not drank ANY water from the previous night they get a blue clothes pin. By placing the clothes pins on the cages I can check those specific rabbits again around 2 pm. If the rabbit did not eat by feeding time, I will check the rabbit over (check teeth, feel the belly, look to see if there are pellets in the tray (poop), etc. I will only let a rabbit go 24-32 hours without supplementing with Critical Care and Immunize Paste. Precaution is KEY!

Three times a day, I check all of the cavies that are being coated out a once over. Especially the little ones to make sure they do not chew. My intermediates and seniors are pretty good about leaving there wraps in.  For the angoras, each breed has a day that I have designated to groom bellies and blow their coats out. Everyday those who are being coated out to show are checked for mats (in there cheek wool, under arms and behind the neck). I spend an awful lot of time with each animal.

If, I go away over night to a show or if, I’m not home in the evenings my husband will gladly feed, supplement, hay and water the rabbits and Guinea Pigs. In fact I’ve caught him when he comes home from work giving everyone a treat. He will give the rabbits a cookie (Animal Cracker or Ginger Snap) for the piggy’s he will give them each a piece of carrot or a slice of apple.

As of right now I have surgery scheduled for the middle of February. As the primary caregiver I want to make sure that the animals (rabbits and cavies) have enough feed, supplement, hay and bedding to last at least two weeks. I have EVERY cage labeled with name, breed, variety (color), ear tag or tattoo as for ease of identification. I also have little stickers (yellow, pink and green) that each represents a specific kind of supplement (CirQulate, Oxygen, or both). Also cages with does or sows that are bred also have an extra cage tag. In case I need to ask a friend to come over and care for the critters. My husband says my “little system” makes it easier for him to care for e critters as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bath Time

This is Jolee a red/white Coronet Sow who was bred and owned by Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry & Caviary. Jolee is going to leave with a new youth exhibitor. Well her new owner is not knew to cavies, just long hairs.

I'm getting pretty


Brrrr It's Cold Out Side

What to do with an expecting doe when it's cold outside? I bring my ladies in the house to kindle where it is nice and warm. Even though, they are housed in my garage I am a worry wart so I bring them in the house.

That's better mom and babies are doing fine!