Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Herdsman of the Year Award 2009

Final 2009 Sweepstakes Points Standings

Points listed below are based upon show reports for shows taking place during 2009 that were submitted to the Sweepstakes Chair.

Herdsman Points
One point is awarded for each individual Angora rabbit winning a BOB or a BOS during the year (regardless of breed or whether the win counts as a Leg). For this category, each rabbit counts only once, regardless of how many wins that rabbit earns during the year.

2009 Final Standings

Melissa Deitrich 12
Pamela Barnes 8
Colleen Wagner 8
Amy Spang 7
Lisa Rodenfels 6
Kathy Taylor 4
Janet Gruber 2
JoAnn Schoolcraft 2
Terry Robertson 1
Charlotte Schweikart 1
Tina Vance 1

One point is awarded for every BOB and for every BOS win by a UARC member during the calendar year. Points for all Angora breeds are combined for a single score for each member.

2009 BOB/BOS Top Five
Colleen Wagner 30
Pamela Barnes 22
Melissa Deitrich 18
Amy Spang 12
Lisa Rodenfels 8

Overall Points
Points in this category are awarded by breed based on show placements, with extra points awarded for BIS/BOB/BOS and for points earned in UARC or National shows.

English Angora
Colleen Wagner: 2051
Melissa Deitrich: 234
Alex Stepnoski: 234
Donna/Maura McGraw: 112
Liz Gaynor 64
JoAnn Schoolcraft 45
Carolyn McGraw 40
Victoria Detolla-Cole 16
Lilly Gaynor 12
Rachel Schmidt 8

French Angora
Amy Spang 2391
Pam Barnes 2376
Lauren Waters 508
Charlotte Schweikart 282
Jessica Cody 226
Kathy Taylor 202
Lynn Miller 160
Lisa Rodenfels 56
Tina Vance 56
Lori White 50
Julie George: 18
Scott Vance: 12
Satin Angora
Lisa Rodenfels: 475

Giant Angora
Melissa Dietrich 509
Janet Gruber 66
Victoria Detolla-Cole 32
Terri Robertson 32
Sue Maccombie 18

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