Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Application for Register....

I have officially sent off my Application for Register's License today January 4, 2012. Over the past few months I have been to a few shows to ask other ARBA Members in good standing to sign my petition. I was only required to have 20 signatures but I ended up with 26 just in case someone’s membership was expired.

Now I need to study, study and study some more. I will be taking my Register's Exam in February the weekend of the Pennsylvania State Convention known to many of us as PaSRBA. If I pass my Register’s Exam I will need to work at 3 all-breed shows under 3 different judges and have two of the judges endorse me. I am also required to work with a Licensed ARBA Registers at another show.

This is just one more step that I must take to become a ARBA Licensed Judge in the future.

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