Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mable and Tiddlywinks litter

Current English Angoar Litter

Yes, Fuzzibutt' Rabbitry now has Broken English Angoras! In fact we have two in our current litter. We also have two blacks, a chestnut, REW and a funny colored one.

Dory and Tiddlywinks Litter

Here are some current photos of Dory and Tiddlywinks Litter.  There is four in the litter.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oopsie Daisy Rabbitry

I'm so daughter's rabbitry is now registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Way to go Jessica.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Giant Angora Buck named Beau

This photo is another example of how Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry Giant Angoras. This little guy is owned by Jessica and her family in NJ. Beau is the angora and as you can tell from the photo with Jessica's son, he is spoiled rotten already. This photo was taken by Jessica thank you for allowing me to post the photo on my blog. I am so glad he is loved!

New Gloves

Jessica and I were walking down the cleaning section of Wal-Mart’s and noticed these cute gloves used to wash dishes. Well we each got a pair, and they will be used when we scrub rabbit pens. Aren’t' they cute!

Suet Feeders....

We were at Wal-Mart’s the other night and we noticed these huge Suet Feeders for the birds. The three of us got to thinking about using them for rabbit shows to hold hay for the rabbits. We purchased 3 of the biggest we could find. So now we have 6 large hay feeders for the angoras in their travel crates.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jake and Max's New Home

Two of my Giant Angora babies went to their new home yesterday. I could not of asked for better bunny parents for my furry kids!

Here is a photo of there "bunny room" and pen that dad built. Thanks for the photo Shelly.

The best part is the boys live in Delaware, so I'll be able to see them again.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Fuzzibutt's Registered Rabbit

Congratulation to Fuzzibutt's Bad Moon Rising "Rocker" who is now Registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association!

Also wanted to say what a great job you did at the shows this past weekend for begin your first time out. You were one of the most well behaved big boys on the table!

Look what we came back with....

Jessica and I have always told each other if there is any English Lops in any of the raffles at the shows we go to were putting all of our tickets in the bag for one. I guess it was a sign, because on Sunday at PaSRBA there was this guy, after putting in 36 tickets (18 each from Jessica and I), we still did not end up with him. Jessica came back to the wool room all upset and in tears. She said some guy won him. I said go see if he would give him to your or sell him to you cheap. Next thing I know she come back with him in her arms. Jessica said the guy’s name was Keith. So Keith, if you see my blog please know you made Jessica's day!

After viewing his pedigree I contacted Beach Bunnies Rabbitry in PA to let them know we now have the buck. His name is Skills so we were told. Jessica has decided to name him Cupid. She said she might show him in youth this spring.

Cupid comes to us with 2 Legs. The first is from Westmoreland County RC of PA Open Show @ under Pam Nock from PA. Skills (Cupid) won 1st of 5, BOG of 15 and BOB of 23. His second leg is from Washington County RBA Open A show under Tim Branham Skills won 1st of 7, BOG of 22 and BOB of 33 from his previous owners.

New Fuzzy French Lop

This new Fuzzy French Lop came to me from my friend Bill of SeaBunnies Rabbitry in NJ. This is "Mr. No Name" at the moment. He's a Broken Chestnut Agouti. Some of the weights in his pedigree are 13.8, 15, 12.5, 14.12. Some of the colors in his pedigree are Broken Chestnut Agouti, Steel, Broken Black, Broken Opal.

I can't wait till he is old enough to see what he'll add to my line of F1-F3's for my Giant Angora Project. He has a body to die for.

PaSRBA Judges Conference 02/03/12

I just want to give a big shout out to Mr. Travis Finkle for all of his hard work and dedication for organize the Official ARBA Judges Conference at the show this weekend. The judge’s conference was well attended.
 Jessica and I both listened and took notes on various breeds and speakers. Thank you Travis!