Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Coated Breeds

Coated breeds are a real challenge, Angoras especially. The Angora breeds I am referring to is English and Giant Angoras. These breeds usually attracts "arty" people; people who apperciate fine lines, elegance and quality. It can be so rewarding to breed, show and grand your own English and Giant Angoras. I really feel that I am on the verge of something big with my Giant Angoras.  Maybe a future Best In Show?

If you are to be the "best" in anything then you must pour my heart and soul into it. I have to educate myself constantly working and practing my grooming skills. Evaluating pedigrees to make the best choices for my upcoming breeding's. I love the challenge of breeding, conditioning and showing my English and Giant Angoras. To me it's ver rewarding. That's the neat thing about my "artsy" breeds English and Giant Angoras; they've become so multi-faceted.

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