Thursday, February 27, 2014

What does one do before leaving for a show?

What does one do before leaving for a show? Groom angoras of course! Pictured is Jessica and her English Angora Cupid, and me with my English Angora Watson. I’m covered in corn starch which helps absorbs the oils in the English Angoras coats.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our show schedule for March

Here is a list of shows that Jessica and I plan/will be attending in March.

March 1-2 NW Georgia Cavy & Rabbit Show in Dalton, GA *Harlequin Nationals*

March 9 R&CB 4-H Club in Westminster, MD

March 15 Richmond Rabbit Breeders Association in Aylette, Va

March 15 Washington County RBA in Washington, PA

March 22-23 North Carolina State Rabbit Breeders Association in Greensboro, NC

March 29 Lehigh Valley R&CBA in Hamburg, PA

The countdown begins…

Between Jessica and I we are running around the house/rabbitry like a chicken with its head cut off.  Usually we have everything backed and under control, but without upcoming trip to Georgia we need to back a few extra things for our four legged critters.

This is a big show for Jessica since this will be her first Harlequin National Specialty Show. Not to mention Jessica will have to show all of our rabbits for us since I will be working with my 3rd Cavy judge this weekend.

Jessica will be showing the following breeds 3 times on Saturday: Flemish Giant, English Angora, Giant Angora and Satin Angoras in Open for me. In youth Jessica will be showing her Harlequins 3 times and her English Angora, plus her Texel twice.

On Sunday I will be able to show my own breeds and help Jessica out as well.

Entries are in…

All entries have been emailed for this weekend’s shows: in Dalton, Georgia (3/1 & 32).

Between Jessica, Phillip and myself we will be showing in the following shows…NW Georgia Cavy & Rabbit Club Triple Open/Youth & Cavy Shows, Mid-South Angora Rabbit Society II Double, and Harlequin National Show & Southernquins Specialty Show.
Wish us luck for a safe trip down and back.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Herdsman of the Year for the 2nd time

Guess who won Herdsman of the Year Youth under the United Angora Rabbit Club for the 2nd time … Jessica did. Jessica has worked really hard to promote angoras last year. This is a huge honor, way to go!

Cavy Registrar Assist

Cavy Registrar Assist

After passing my Cavy Registrar’s Test I have had the great honor of working two assist this month (February).  My first assist 2/1, was under Allen Barr from CA thanks to “team PaSRBA” for allowing me to work your show. My second assist was under Carole Randal at the MACBA Cabin Fever Show on 2/22. Thank you to “team MACBA” for giving me this opportunity, my next last assist is scheduled for 3/1 in Dalton, GA. After that my last task will be to work with a cavy registrar. Then I will be an official Cavy Registrar, YAY!

UARC Reserve in Specialty Show

UARC Reserve in Specialty Show

On February 1, 2014 Jessica and Cupid her English Angora Junior Buck won Reserve in Specialty Show at  PaSRBA in the United Angora Rabbit Club Specialty Show.

Way to go guys!