Thursday, April 26, 2012

NARBC Wool/Skein Contest

Well I just went through all of my angora fiber that has been stored for the past four months. This fiber will be entered in the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club Wool/Skein Contest. This will be my 1st time competing on a national level with my angora fibers.

The last time I entered angora fiber was back in February at the United Angora Rabbit Club Wool/Skein/Garment Contest in conjunction with the PaSRBA.

For the national show I entered wool in the following categories:

English Angora clipped, French Angora clipped and plucked, Giant Angora clipped and plucked and Satin Angora clipped and plucked.
The Wool Contest will be judged on the following: On a scale of 10 being excellent, 8 is good, 6 is fair, 4 poor, 0 fails.

Crimp/Under Coat
Guard Hair
Overall Balance

As far as the Skein Contest I entered in the following categories: 100% Angora- white or natural color in the Other Ply or Novelty Category, Angora Blends in natural or dyed Other Ply or Novelty, and Angora plied with other fiber in the Go Wild category.

The Skein Contest will be judged on the following: On a scale of 10 being excellent, 8 is good, 6 is fair, 4 poor, 0 fails.

Amount/Evenness of Twist
Angle/Evenness of Ply
Not Matting
Appropriate End Use
Overall Appearance

Photos from the Baltimore & Howard Co. Rabbit Show

Sorry it's taken me so long to post a few photos from the rabbit show the other weekend April 21.

Me after Grooming the Angoras

Here is a photo of what I look like twice a week after using corn starch on my angoras. Why do I use corn starch you ask? Well the corn starch absorbs the oils in the angoras coats, since they do not get baths. The corn starch also aids in getting the tangles out of the rabbits wool. This is one reason when I do the "corn starch" baths twice a week, I do this out side!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Numbers are in for the National Angora Show

The wonderful secretary for the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Association and the New York State Angora Club has been gracious enough to send the exhibitors who will be competing this weekend the entry break down. Here it is....

In Open there is 27 Exhibitors with 102 Angora entered.

That is 31 English Angoras non were entered in wool. In French Angoras there is 40 entered and again non entered in wool. There is 11 Giant Angora's entered and 3 in wool. As for the Satin Angoras there is 20 and 1 entered in wool.

Now on to the Youth, there is 6 Exhibitors with 26 Angoras entered.

That is 14 English Angoras entered with 1 in wool. Ten French Angoras with non entered in wool. There is only 1 Giant Angora and non entered in wool (I should of entered Jessica and Fuzzibutt's Mr. Fluffy 2 You in Nationals)! Then there is only 1 Satin Angora who is also entered in wool.

Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry will have Giant Angoras and Satin Angoras entered this weekend.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Look what I picked up at the show on April 21...

I picked up this lovely little broken Satin Angora doe.

Fuzzibutt's Sneak A Peak "Bugaboo"

Fuzzibutt's Sneak A Peak aka "Bugaboo" won his 1st leg yesterday at the Baltimore & Howard Co. Rabbit Show in MD.

Baltimore & Howard County Rabbit Show 4/21/12

What a beautiful day for a rabbit show. In the morning the weather was cool and breezy by late afternoon things were starting to warm up a bit. We were able to watch some of the National Dwarf Hotot Specialty Show. I've always like the little white rabbits with the black mascara on.

There was a great turn out of Angora people for yesterday’s show. In Satin Angoras there were at least 9 Satin Angoras entered from the following states: DE (Melissa aka "Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry"), PA, VA and WV.

My little Satin Angora Colored Junior Buck won BOV and Best of Breed Satin Angora for his 1st Leg towards his Grand Champion Certificate under Judge Peter Velcheck from NJ.

In French Angora there was only one little White Junior Doe who was shown by my friend from WV Benjamin R.

In Giant Angoras there was 7 shown and Fuzzibutt's Gigantor won Best of Breed for a Leg and Best In Wool, while Fuzzibutt's It's Poppin "Lip Gloss" won Best Opposite Sex.

There was a large turnout in English Angoras, especially the colored junior buck and doe classes. I think each of those classes had at least 6 shown. There was Alyssa/MD, Anita/MD who also won Best of Breed Congratulations! There was Donna/MD and Dru/NJ and darn I can't think of the other lady who was exhibiting English Angoras (sorry).

Newly Registered Rabbits

Congratulations to the following Newly Registered Rabbits.....

* Fuzzibutt's Gigantor (Giant Angora)

* Fuzzibutt's I Like To Move It (Giant Angora)

*Fuzzibutt's Oh No He Didn't (Giant Angora)

*Fuzzibutt's Bare Necessities (Blue Flemish Giant)

*Fuzzibutt's Give A Lit'l Treat (Blue Flemish Giant)

*Gubala's Dawn Early Light (Black Flemish Giant)

*The Hoppitry's Sea Queen (Black Flemish Giant)

*The Hoppitry's Queen of Grunts (Black Flemish Giant)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cupid's Pen

Rupal's Crib

Can you tell someone is spoiled?

Dawn's Making a Nest

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Dawn delivers safely. She's due on 4/19-4/20. I'm hoping she has some blue's in her litter as well.

A Face only a Mother can Love

Poor Rupal, ever since I gave him a hair cut last year...his curls never came back in. So I just keep his coat short. I was talking with a Texel Cavy Breeder in North Carolina who told me the life of a Texel's show coat {curls} is only a few months.


Lilacs are my favorite flower...I just melt when I walk by them and smell there beautiful fragrance.


Some photos I took the other day....

Fresh Dried Clover Hay

When we mow our yard weekly we try to make hay for the bunnies. All it takes is a little effort on our part to go out and rake the grass to make sure it dry's all the way. Once the hay is dry, we go out and rake it into big patches. Then we put it into containers with holes in the side for air flow. Then we give it to the bunnies...let me tell ya, they LOVE IT!


London is living the life of luxury with Adel and her husband in Delaware. London's taken over the dog's bed! London is also walked on a harness daily. Talk about spoiled!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Count Down till the Stork Arrives....

This week will be a busy week with moms having babies...We have a total 6 does due this week. As well as 4 does due next week. If all does deliver we will be at our max for the year with bunnies. We are hoping that the bunny god's are with us. These litters that are due will be our junior Convention Stock that we plan to take to Wichita, Kansas in October if they are nice enough.

Our 1st doe due is on April 18-20.
2nd-7th does are due on April 20-22.
The following week we have 4 does due on April 26-28.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flower Power

Other than taking photos of animals I also enjoy taking photos of flowers.

New Home

One of our Flemish Giant's found a new home with a wonderful family who lives in Lincoln, Delaware. As you can see he already seems to fit right in. He has his own bunny hutch outside that leads to a huge bunny play area with lots of shade.

New Chicken Area

The other day Jessica and I decided to move the chickens from there old area to a new and improved area with lots of grass and dirt for the chickens to Kick up there heels. Well needless to say the area of the new chicken coop is approximately 24X24 with two little buildings for the chickens to be able to roost at night.

At the present time we only have 4 chickens all together. We have a cock and hen in the Belgian D' Unccel and two Silkie Hens.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

At Home Pets tackles the tough topic of spaying/neutering rabbits.

The Kelfla Project explains how she values a group effort in her goal of beating the standard.

Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry makes her wrap up debut with a post about how her rabbitry was in the news!

The Nature Trail plays 'Hide and Seek' with a pair of Polish babies.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bag of Feed

Since I was feeling a little better today I decided to open up a new 50 lb bag of rabbit food to see how many cups of feed are in a bag of feed. I used a 1 cup measuring scoop, there are roughly 122 cups of feed in our rabbit feed.

Next I decided to weigh our rabbit food containers:

The Extra Large container is used for babies (full feeding) which weighs 0.12 ounces
The Large container is used for our Flemish Giants, it weighs 0.6 ounces
The Medium container is for the Angoras (some of whom are feed twice a day) weighs 0.4 ounces.
The Small container is used for the Jersey Woolies which weighs 0.2 ounces.

The feeders with feed in them weigh the following:

Small container with 1/2 cup of feed weighs roughly 0.8 ounces
Medium container with 1 cup of feed weighs roughly 0.10 ounces
Large container with 2 cups of feed weighs roughly 1.4 lbs
Extra Large Container with 4 cups of feed weighs roughly 2.7 lbs.