Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2010 United Angora Rabbit Club Sweepstakes Results

2010 Sweepstakes Results by Amy Spang
Herdsman Points: One point is awarded for each individual Angora rabbit winning a BOB or a BOS during
the year (regardless of breed or whether the win counts as a Leg). For this category, each rabbit counts only once,
regardless of how many wins that rabbit earns during the year.
2010 Herdsman Results
Amy Spang 9
Pamela Barnes 6
Joyce Holliday 5
Lisa Rodenfels 5
Melissa Deitrich 4
Charlotte Schweikart 2
Annette Boose 1
Janet Gruber 1
Tina Vance 1
BOB/BOS Wins: One point is awarded for every BOB and for every BOS win by a UARC member during the calendar year.
Amy Spang 18
Pamela Barnes 17
Lisa Rodenfels 5
Melissa Deitrich 4
Tina Vance 3
Janet Gruber 2
Charlotte Schweikart 2
Annette Boose 1
Quality Points: Points in this category are awarded by breed based on show placements, with extra points awarded for BIS/BOB/BOS and for points earned in UARC or National shows.
English Angora
Lori White 80
Melissa Steward 66
Joanne Schoolcraft 6
French Angora
Pam Barnes 2005
Amy Spang 1827
Charlotte Schweikart 832
Tina Vance 760
Lisa Rodenfels 456
Joyce Holliday 141
Jenna Leonard 110
Lorrie Ashcroft 110
Julie George 84
Melissa Deitrich 24
Giant Angora
Melissa Deitrich 51
Satin Angora
Lisa Rodenfels 597
Janet Gruber 90
Annette Boose 36
Victoria DeTolla-Cole 2
Way to go everyone. Congrulations Amy!
Volume 5 Issue 1

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