Monday, May 20, 2013

1st time Wrapping a Long Hair

As a teenager I used to show many breeds of dogs in Junior Showmanship. I also had the pleasure of working with many local handlers. I was very lucky to learn how to properly groom and condition show dogs. Which has benefited me very well in my rabbit hobby with my angoras? Jessica and I are on a new adventure ...we are also working with Cavy's! This is our 1st time wrapping a long haired cavy. Elvis is our Guinea Pig...get it Guinea Pig, lol!! I wrapped his coat like I would a Yorkshire Terrier (kind of) or a Poodle's Top Knot.

Not to bad!

At the next show Jessica and I go to my friend from WV has offered to teach us how to "properly" wrap cavy coats.

Jessica's new Peruvian

Jessica's new Peruvian Boar "LSC Elvis"thank you Kim Burgess of VA.


MACBA Classic "Cavy Show"

Mid-Atlantic Cavy Breeders Association Classic Show May 18, 2013 @ Macungie Memorial Park, PA

Here are a few photos of Jessica and her new Peurvian Boar "Elvis" from my friend Kim Burges in PA. This is Jessica's 1st cavy show! Jessica and I had a blast at the show! Jessica wrote for the 1st time, I had the chance to write for the 2nd time. If you are new to cavy's volunteer to write for the judge. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It's a great learning experience.

  Some of the Youth Exhibitors

 Youth Exhibitors
 Open Texel Breeders *Jessica is showing my little girl for me while i'm writing for the judge*

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Boy and his Cavy named Speedy

A Boy and his Cavy named Speedy

Speedy was given to me at a show in last December by his owner. Speedy has been a pet for my 3 year old nephew Briar. When Briar comes to Aunt Me Me’s house, Briar picks fresh clover and grass for Speedy. Speedy even comes in the house to play with Briar. 

Briar heard Aunt Me Me and Jessica were going to go to a Cavy Show next weekend and he wanted to show Speedy.  Since Speedy is not show quality, Speedy will be attending the event in a costume created by Briar.
Since Aunt Me Me was grooming her Texel, Briar wanted to give Speedy a Bath too.