Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Results from the Cayuga Lake Festival in NY on 6/20

Sorry it has been just about two months since I last posted anything on this blog. I have been traveling quite a bit judging local and out of state 4-H/FFA Rabbit & Cavy Shows.  I have also been showing my cavies in NJ, NY, PA, and OH and will be off to show in Massachusetts this weekend 8/1 and North Carolina on 8/8.

I have my show results from the Cayuga Lake Festival Show that was held on 6/20 in Ithaca, NY. The cavy folks held a triple cavy show. This is my 3rd year attending this show. It is right down the road from Butter Milk Falls. Where I used to swim as a kid when I visited my aunt.

In show A, judged by John Backman …..

Paint By Numbers (Solid Coronet Boar) was BOV/BSV/BOSB

Piccadilly (Agouti Coronet Sow) was BOB/BSV/BSB

Shiloh (Solid Coronet Boar) was BJV/BJB

Brody (Solid Silkie Boar) was BOV/BIV

Markus (Solid Silkie Boar) was BOSV/BJV/

Colton (Agouti Silkie Boar) was BOSV

Tickel Me Elmo (Broken Silkie Boar) BOV/BSV/BSB/BOB

Lenny (Solid Silkie Boar) 2nd

Rose (Self Silkie Sow) BOV/BIV

Thorn (Solid Silkie Sow) BOSV/BJV


In show B, judged by Fatith Storms …..

Paint By Numbers (Solid Coronet Boar) was BOV/BSV/BOSB

Piccadilly (Agouti Coronet Sow) was BOB/BSV/BSB

Shiloh (Solid Coronet Boar) was BJV/BJB

Brody (Solid Silkie Boar) was BOV/BIV

Markus (Solid Silkie Boar) was BOV/BJV/BJB

Colton (Agouti Silkie Boar) was BOSV

Tickle Me Elmo (Broken Silkie Boar) BOV/BSV/BSB/BSOB

Lenny (Solid Silkie Boar) 2nd

Rose (Self Silkie Sow) BOV/BIV

Thorn (Solid Silkie Sow) BOSV/BJV


In show C, judged by Frank Westley …..

Paint By Numbers (Solid Coronet Boar) was BOV/BSV/BOSB

Piccadilly (Agouti Coronet Sow) was BOB/BSV/BSB

Shiloh (Solid Coronet Boar) was BJV/BJB

Brody (Solid Silkie Boar) was BOV/BIV

Markus (Solid Silkie Boar) was BOSV/BJV

Colton (Agouti Silkie Boar) was BOV/BJV

Tickel Me Elmo (Broken Silkie Boar) BOV/BSV/BSB/BOSB

Lenny (Solid Silkie Boar) 2nd

Rose (Self Silkie Sow) BOV/BIV

Thorn (Solid Silkie Sow) BOSV/BJV

When the results of the other shows come in, I will be happy to post them for you. On another note, this was Piccadilly’s last show. She is now an official registered and Granded cavy with the American Rabbit Breeders Association.  Piccadilly is now currently in breeding for the next generation of Fuzzibut’s.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baltimore & Howard County Cavy Show 5/23/15

Briar is my five year old nephew. He is now old enough to show in real ARBA shows as a youth exhibitor. This spring I have had some lovely cavy babies born. Briar picked out both Thorn (Black Roan Silkie Sow) and Rose (Self Black Silkie Sow) the minute they were born. So these two ladies are super friendly, lol.

Last week Briar gave both of them there first bath and prepped them for the Baltimore & Howard County Cavy Show. All of Briar's hard work payed off when he won Reserve in Show with Rose!

BIS youth Jamie Berkebile  and Briar RIS with Judge Frank Westley
   photo credits go to the Awesome Lisa Swatsky

Look at that Big Smile

Friday, May 29, 2015

English Angora transformation over a few weeks

English Angora transformation over a few weeks...

Photos from the Pitchfork's & Bucket's 4-H Club

The Pitchfork's & Bucket's 4-H Club did an Awesome job of putting on multiple shows each day. I rode to the show with my good friend Brandy and her daughter Caroline. We were stuffed full!!!

I was honored to win a Best In Specialty Show my Giant Angora.

Introducing Grand Champion Fuzzibutt's Piccadilly

Fuzzibutt's Piccadilly earned her 3rd Senior Leg last weekend at the Baltimore & Howard County RCBA Show in West Friendship, MD. Piccadilly, is Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry & Caviary's 3rd Grand Champion with a Full and Complete Pedigree.

Piccadilly, was awarded Best of Breed in both shows. Not that hard part comes...to decided if I want to conitue to coat her out for shows this fall or clip her down and put her into breeding. My goal all along has been to coat Piccadilly out for this years Convention in Oregon in November.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Preparing to judge a 4-H Show

As I sit down at the computer for a few quick minutes, I gather my thoughts and think back to when I was a 4-H exhibitor. The night before a 4-H show, I was trying to get all of my show gear ready. Bath any animals that needed to be bathed and groomed. I prepared my food for the next day, and sat my clothes on the edge of the bed. I would read over the show rules to make sure I was familiar with them. Looking back 4-H was a great experience for me. I learned so much from listening to the judges and asking questions once judging was over. I was always the first kid to volunteer to write for the judge.

Many years later, I have taken the initiative to take the steps needed to advance in my hobby of rabbits and cavies. I have become a dual rabbit and cavy registrar. I am waiting to schedule my rabbit judge’s exam, and next year I will take my cavy judges exam. Even as an adult 4-H has given back to me. I have been judging 4-H/FFA shows for about three years now. I really enjoy judging and sharing my experiences with the youth. I judge to the ARBA Standard of Perfection, and explain the important points to those who are new to showing rabbits and cavies.

I really enjoy spending one on one time with the youth during showmanship classes. This is where I can tell if the youth actually knows about his or her animal or if someone else does all the work. After showmanship I have the opportunity to listen to the kids ask me questions about their particular breeds. I am always excited when I have a youth exhibitor teach me something about their particular breed that I did not already know.

ACBA National Specality Results

Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry and Caviary represented the little state of Delaware well this past weekend 4/11/15 in Berea, Ohio at the 2015 American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA) National Specialty Show. The show was held at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. The theme was We will Rock you in Cleveland! That they did. This was my first time attending Cavy Nationals...and to boot I exhibited cavies from my own breeding's (I bred both parents) except for Vodka's sire.

I enjoyed the judges conference on Friday night. Saturday night was a nice banquet hosted by the Ohio Cavy Club. These ladies and gentleman really outdid themselves! On Sunday there was the Ohio Cavy Club show...again, my piggy's did really well. On Monday my travel buddy and myself went to the Rock N Roll Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. I even rode the "train" for the very first time.

Fuzzibutt's Bayleigh was 1st in her class and BJV (she needs an updated photo as well).
Fuzzibutt's Twist of Time won 1st in his class and BIV. I need to take an updated photo of him, lol.

Fuzzibutt's Piccadilly placed 1st in her class and won BOSV

Fuzzibutt's Vodka On The Rocks placed 2nd in his class

Fuzzibutt's Defying Gravity placed 1st in his class

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Just wanted to share

Here is a photo of my Lilac Agouti Silkie Boar I am coating out. If anyone has other Lilac Agoutis in Coronet, Peruvian or Silkie (feel free to contact me). I would definitely be interested in a sow or two.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Giant Angora Babies

Please note these Giant Angoras listed below are NOT FOR SALE!

Born January 9, 2015 pictured at 8 weeks old. Out of 2 Grand Champion Parents.
Please note these Giant Angoras listed below are NOT FOR SALE!

Born January 31, 2015 pictured at 4 weeks old. Out of 2 different Grand Champion Parents.

Open Sweepstakes Award 2013-2014 Year Ending for NARBC

Beautiful Fiber

Appalachian Angora Rabbit Club Best In Show Skein

I have only been spinning for a about 4 years now off and on. I have had an excellent teacher! This skein is 100% Giant Angora.


Show Cavy Housing

At the present time my show cavies are housed in the spare bedroom in laundry baskets. The laundry baskets provided plenty of space for the cavy to move around in. Not to mention how easy the laundry baskets are to dump and wipe out every few days. Each show pig is provided a something to lay on, mine happen to prefer potholders to lay on.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Judges Conference

I had a great time at the annual judge’s conference held on Friday night at the Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association (PaSRBA) speaking about angoras and the difference between the breeds and their wool. All four angora breeds (English, French, Giant, and Satin Angora) were represented. My good friend Debbie McCormick  aka "Heart Felt Hares" of North Carolina was my assistant as I spoke about the four angora breeds. Debbie even brought her electric spinning wheel to demonstrate how to spin the angora fiber.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The life of a show piggy

The life of a show piggy is hard, the attention to detail on spa day and show day. The nice warm bubble bath.  The pedicure and manicure. The nice warm towel that they are wrapped in after the bath. Next is the drying process, which is done carefully not to burn the pig with the hair dryer.

We have Harlequins again!

After dispersing of Jessica’s Harlequins last fall, I thought I was done with the breed completely. Except for my commitments to the Eastern Harlequin Rabbit Club, as secretary and the 2016 Show Secretary for the National Harlequin Show in that will be in New Jersey.  In late December early January, I started to miss the breed and the surprises that would pop up in the nest boxes. So I started to put feelers out for a couple of Japanese and Magpies.

Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry will be working with Harlequins on a small scale and may occasionally have some available to pet/brood or show homes in the future.  Thank you to Sarah Freund of The Harlequin Hatchery in MD, John Spence of Charmed Rabbitry in PA, Gail Smith of Sunshine’s Rabbitry in NY and Nicole and Jarrett Keys of Eagle Creek’s Rabbitry & Caviry in MD for a new start in the breed.

Fingers crossed for healthy, nicely marked babies in the nest boxes this spring.

Judges Conference Angora Wool Presentation

I was asked at the 91st ARBA Convention in Texas if I would like to be a presenter/speak at the Official ARBA Judges Conference Friday, February 6, 2015 in conjunction with the Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association Show. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to speak about my love of wool breeds (English Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora and Satin Angora).

The conference was broken down into multiple stations where a presenter/speaker could demonstrate and talk about their specific breeds for up to 12-15 minutes. My good friend and buddy in crime Debbie McCormick was helper for the evening. Debbie allowed me to use Odin one of her Ruby Eyed White English Angoras in FULL show coat to demonstrate the proper texture and density and body on a English Angora. Those who attended the conference had the opportunity to have “hands on” with an exceptional specimen of the breed. Debbie even did a brief lesson on spinning angora fiber. This allowed the judges the unique experiences to see angora fiber in action, doing what it was meant to do.

I am proud to say that all 4 Angora breeds (English Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora and Satin Angora) were well represented at the judge’s conference. A big THANK YOU to Deb Clemens and June Abbott of North Carolina for allowing me to borrow a French Angora and a Satin Angora for my presentation.

The following day I had quite a few judges come up and thank me for my detailed description of the three DISTINCT types of Giant Angora fiber. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Primary Care Giver…

Here at Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary I am the primary care giver for the critters. My husband works full time, is a full time college student, and taking the maximum number of credits every seven to fifteen weeks year round…working on his Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Health.  Since I am home 99% of the time I give EVERYONE a handful of hay in the mornings. I go through with plastic clothes pins (blue for water and white for feed). For each rabbit I go through and put a white clothes pin on each cage if the rabbit did not finish its food the night before. I usually feed around 7 pm or 9 pm and go out in the mornings after my coffee and a quick glance at my email around 9 am. If someone has not drank ANY water from the previous night they get a blue clothes pin. By placing the clothes pins on the cages I can check those specific rabbits again around 2 pm. If the rabbit did not eat by feeding time, I will check the rabbit over (check teeth, feel the belly, look to see if there are pellets in the tray (poop), etc. I will only let a rabbit go 24-32 hours without supplementing with Critical Care and Immunize Paste. Precaution is KEY!

Three times a day, I check all of the cavies that are being coated out a once over. Especially the little ones to make sure they do not chew. My intermediates and seniors are pretty good about leaving there wraps in.  For the angoras, each breed has a day that I have designated to groom bellies and blow their coats out. Everyday those who are being coated out to show are checked for mats (in there cheek wool, under arms and behind the neck). I spend an awful lot of time with each animal.

If, I go away over night to a show or if, I’m not home in the evenings my husband will gladly feed, supplement, hay and water the rabbits and Guinea Pigs. In fact I’ve caught him when he comes home from work giving everyone a treat. He will give the rabbits a cookie (Animal Cracker or Ginger Snap) for the piggy’s he will give them each a piece of carrot or a slice of apple.

As of right now I have surgery scheduled for the middle of February. As the primary caregiver I want to make sure that the animals (rabbits and cavies) have enough feed, supplement, hay and bedding to last at least two weeks. I have EVERY cage labeled with name, breed, variety (color), ear tag or tattoo as for ease of identification. I also have little stickers (yellow, pink and green) that each represents a specific kind of supplement (CirQulate, Oxygen, or both). Also cages with does or sows that are bred also have an extra cage tag. In case I need to ask a friend to come over and care for the critters. My husband says my “little system” makes it easier for him to care for e critters as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bath Time

This is Jolee a red/white Coronet Sow who was bred and owned by Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry & Caviary. Jolee is going to leave with a new youth exhibitor. Well her new owner is not knew to cavies, just long hairs.

I'm getting pretty


Brrrr It's Cold Out Side

What to do with an expecting doe when it's cold outside? I bring my ladies in the house to kindle where it is nice and warm. Even though, they are housed in my garage I am a worry wart so I bring them in the house.

That's better mom and babies are doing fine!