Sunday, December 28, 2014

All Hair Must Come To an End

After growing out his coat for so long, I decided that he is more valuable to me in the breeding program than to continue growing his coat out. Fingers crossed that he sires a couple of AWSOME litters for me. In the meantime, I’ll probably grown his coat back out for late spring shows. Now he can have all of the hay he wants and I won’t mind him playing with it, lol.

Un-groomed to Groomed in Minutes

Growing a junior coat takes time and dedication. A weekly blow out of the top coat and underside is all that this junior requires at the moment.  Every other day I take a comb through her cheek wool and the back of her neck to prevent mats from starting. Once a week I slicker brush her legs and underneath her chin. As her coat begins to grown, she will need frequent grooming throughout the week to keep her lush coat free of Matts.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day for the Critters

Each rabbit and cavy at Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary was given a smorgasbord of treats for Christmas morning. Each critter received a small piece of carrot, apple, sweet potato, and parsley, spinach and cilantro too much on. Not only did they all receive some treats they also received new toys to play with (blocks, balls, plastic Easter eggs, and plastic baby toys. Hopefully there new toys will last them a while, lol.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday's

from Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Harlequins No More

I’ll admit, I’m saddened by the thought of not having Jessica’s Harlequins around any longer. After the ordeal with Jessica back in September/October, her father and I decided to place the rest of her show herd and brood stock with youth across the country. Jessica and I have been working with Harlequins for over three years. Jessica’s biggest accomplishment was Best of Breed Youth at the Harrisburg, PA ARBA Convention back in 2013. Not to mention her big wins at Harlequin Nationals in the spring of 2014 in Dalton, GA.

For a few years now Jessica and I have been promoting the Harlequin breed. We (Jessica, Phillip and I) are even founding officers of the Eastern Harlequin Rabbit Club. My husband and I both hold offices within this club (secretary and treasurer). Our little club was awarded the honor of hosting 2016 Harlequin Nationals in New Jersey (which I am in charge of). Jessica was an awesome supporter of the Harlequin breed. Many of her rabbits were registered with ARBA and many went on to earn Grand Championships with numerous legs.

However, at the same time, they’ve been a bit of a stressful breed for my husband and I. With Jessica choosing to live with her biological mother, every time one of us went to feed the bunnies we would break down in tears looking at the Harlequins, so we made the toughest decision…which was to move them on.

It will be nice to get the rabbitry and caviary back to being angoras again, and start concentrating on my angoras more. Over the past two years my husband and I have been huge breed supporters of the Harlequin breed. For all most two years we (my husband and I) put our own breeds on the back burner for our daughter’s breed. You see with Harlequins there is a 99% chance that none of the kits born in the litter are showable. So we ended up with a lot of brood/pet quality kits to grow out which took time, money and space. One option we had was to cull (kill) the non- showable kits at birth and back breed the doe immediately. We chose not to follow that idea. We grew each bunny out until it was 10 weeks old and all the pet quality (non-showable) ones we took to the local auction barn.

Until my husband or I can be replaced as officers of the local Harlequin club we have decided to stay and help support the club. Not to mention I have a lot of work that needs to be done to prepare for Harlequin Nationals in the spring of 2016 in New Jersey.

If you are interested in the breed, we know quite a few people we would be happy to recommend to help you establish a small herd.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Wish List for Rabbitry & Caviary

I would love to have a new Shop Vac since mine bit the dust a few weeks ago. New water bottles, feeders, resting mats those types of goodies are always useful.

We are in the process of getting rid of our old cages that we have had for over eight years now, you all know the kind…the ones you started out with from Tractor Supply that are rusty and the bottoms are zipped stripped together on some of them. We need a few more new cage units to complete the rabbitry. The cages I want are expensive but I feel the quality of the units from Martins Cages is well worth the investment for the next 8-10 years. Next will be newer cages for the cavies. Right now most of them are in covered rabbit cages with the wire bottoms cut off.

My other Christmas wish for the rabbitry/caviary is a health, vigor and a nice selection of juniors to carry on the tradition of Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry/Cavirary for the 2015 show season.

I do know that Santa has special treats for all of his furry friends at Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry for Christmas Day (toys, treats, hay stuffed in toilet paper rolls with dried Papaya stuffed in the middle).

A busy next year

I was sitting down today thinking about upcoming rabbit and cavy shows that I would like to attend in 2015. I even marked them on my new calendar; boy will I be super busy! Living in Delaware I have to travel to other states to exhibit my rabbits and cavies. There are shows just about every weekend. Since I am showing by myself now Jessica is living with her biological mother, Phillip is working so I can enjoy this awesome hobby of ours and show our angoras, Flemish Giants and cavies.

It’s nice to know that I have support from fellow exhibitors who will exhibit my cavies for me at shows they are going to. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I do not have to choose between my rabbits or cavies being exhibited at shows I attend or do not attend. Thank You to Kim of Whirligigs Caviary in VA for being such a wonderful, caring friend to help me out!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Baltimore & Howard Rabbit & Cavy Show

Lucky Ladies Alice Best of Breed in the A.A.R.C. angora specialty under Chris Howell.

Tower View's Binky ...Best of Breed under Tom Schweikart. Ignore the sweet potato stains.

Fuzzibutt's Mulan

Fuzzibutt's Mulan ...Best of Breed under John Hizey & Laurel Christopher yesterday (11/8/14)  at an AWSOME Double Cavy Show run by Faith Storms at the Baltimore & Howard Rabbit & Cavy Club in MD.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fuzzibutt's Kristoff

Fuzzibutt's Kristoff     
R.I.S.S. 9/27/14 in the United Angora Rabbit Club Specialty Show "Youth" in conjunction with the Delmarva Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association Show.

Giant Angora Love....

The above photos are three different Giant Angoras who are currently being shown.

Lucky Ladies Cheshire

Cheshire was 1st place 6/8 buck and Best Opposite Sex of Breed at the 91st ARBA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas on November 2, 2014.

Reserve in Specialty Show (United Angora Rabbit Club) at the Apple Country Rabbit & Cavy Show on 11/8/14 in PA.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Up and coming Stars….

Fuzzibutt's Just A Gigolo 

Fuzzibutt's P. B. & J. 

Fuzzibutt's Kristoff   

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wanted to let everyone know that we are still here…

Wanted to let everyone know that we are still here…

Life has been pretty crazy these past few weeks. I have to college students living with me (husband and daughter). Phillip is taking on-line course through Wilmington University and he is working on his Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Political Science. Jessica was accepted into the Early College High School via Delaware State University. Jessica is taking 7 college credits this semester along with high school classes. Jessica just started in the 9th grade, as you can imagine WE have a lot going on.


With the crazy weather this summer we took a break from showing rabbits and cavies. One minute the temperature outside is 95 degrees with a heat indexing of 103, other days its 80 degrees with a nice breeze. As I am writing this quick update it is currently 73 degrees outside with a beautiful breeze. Thank goodness fall is on its way!


Jessica’s big project this summer was to complete the applications for the ARBA Youth Contest. Jessica will be competing in Texas this year in the following competitions: Achievement, Management, and Royalty as well as Breed I.D. and Judging.


I have had the pleasure of judging local 4-H/FFA rabbit and cavy shows this summer in MD, NJ, WV, and PA.


We have added a few Mini Lops and Himalayan rabbits to the rabbitry. We have had quite a few cavy pups born this summer with hopes of our “big” winner in the bunch. We have dispersed our Show Quality Abyssinia Herd to various local 4-Hers in the area, with the hopes of giving them a great start.


Jessica’s main focus from now on will be her Harlequins that will do well at Convention and Harlequin Nationals each year, with a few small shows in-between.  With her rigorous school schedule, Jessica’s day starts at 7 am and she walks up the drive way at 6 pm each night. Talk about a long day.


Jessica will still be showing angoras sprawling as well as her Teddies (Guinea Pigs).


Monday, June 16, 2014

Angora Baby Cuteness

Angora Baby Cuteness

*Please note none of these little one's are for sale. If, for some reason one would become available we will post on our blog and website*
We are Black Giant Angoras

We are Satin Angoras

We are REW Giant Angoras

New Cavy Babies

Jessica and I are pleased to announce that we currently have cavy babies. At this time none are for sale. We plan to keep a close eye on them to watch how they develop; hopefully there is a Convention contender in the bunch?

I'm a baby Teddy
I'm a baby Teddy

I'm a baby Teddy
I'm a baby Silkie

I'm a baby Silkie
I'm a baby Coronet

I'm a baby Coronet

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's official; I am the ARBA's newest cavy registrar!!!

I am pleased to announce that I am now an official Cavy registrar! I am now a dual (rabbit & cavy) registrar for ARBA. Thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way!

"Fur Keeps"

I just wanted to share some a photo of Fuzzibutt's Fur to Pleeze "Fur Keeps" who will be making the trip to Angora Nationals in Iowa. His sire was the 2012 Best of Breed Giant Angora at Angora Nationals in Palmyra, NY. Doesn't he look like his dad G.C. Fuzzibutt's Gigantor, Reg.?

Fuzzibutt's Fur to Pleeze "Fur Keeps"

and his sire: G.C. Fuzzibutt's Gigantor, Reg.



On a beautiful day like today

On a beautiful day like today, who wants to be cooped up inside working on school work? Not, me! So I decided to go out and groom some of my angora rabbits and the one’s I’m babysitting. Three of the angoras needed to be prepped and groomed before our big trip to Iowa for Angora Nationals. Than my adult ADA set in, lol. I wanted to snap some photos of the three contenders that will be making their way cross county for Angora Nationals.
 Fuzzibutt's Fur to Pleeze "Fur Keeps"

This is G.C. Heart Felt Hare's Libby, Reg. Owned by Debbie in NC.

This is Heart Felt Hare's Hoda, owned by Debbie in NC.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baltimore & Howard Rabbit Club 4/5/14

An honorable mention from Judge Mr. Whaley of NC for Best 4-Class went to G.C. Heart Felt Hares Libby, Reg. which was a great honor in itself. I have been babysitting Libby for my good friend Debbie of Heart Felt Hares in NC. Not to mention one of the American (Guinea Pigs) that I have been babysitting for won Best In Show for my good friend Elaine in MD. Jessica’s Harlequin, Tractor won Best of Breed in both shows and my Giant Angora Fur Keep’s won 2nd in his class to a lovely buck that is owned my good friend Melanie in VA.  I have the great opportunity to groom the Best of Breed Giant Angora, and some very promising Satin Angoras junior does for Melanie. I had a great time chatting with the lady who got me started in the Giant Angora breed over 8 years ago, Judy Osborn.
G.C. Heart Felt Hares Libby, Reg.

Heart Felt Hares Hoda also owned by Debbie

First sign of spring

First sign of spring for me was today when my Daffodil’s in my front yard bloomed first thing this morning. I have been waiting a week from them to bloom. Not to mention I now have a few Dandelions’s in the yard. I had enough flowers to give all of my mom rabbit’s one. I even picked handfuls of grass out back around the ditch and gave all of the pigs (Cavy’s) a small handful. Boy did everyone enjoy there treats.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Madness

The month of March has taken us from Delaware to Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania and other states in between for Rabbit & Cavy Shows.  During the month of March Jessica attended Harlequin Nationals in Dalton, Georgia. In Pennsylvania, I was able to successfully registrar a Cavy to finalize my requirements for my Cavy Registrars Exam. Not to mention all of the wins we have been receiving with our rabbits and cavy’s this past month.

For the month of April we are looking forward to a few new litters of rabbits to continue on with our lines. These little ones will be our Convention hopefuls for Convention in Texas in November. We are looking forward better weather in the month of April. March has been a crazy month for weather!
                                 “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb?”

Photo from:

Monday, March 24, 2014

NCRBA Results

Jessica and I had a great time in North Carolina! It only took us 6 ½ hours on the trip down and 7 hours on the way home (with traffic). This time we did not take any cavies of our own to show but we did take our friends pigs to show for her.  On Saturday we showed our breeds three times, I ran the United Angora Rabbit Club Specialty Show, showed angoras 3 times, helped up and coming angora youth exhibitors with grooming, showed 16 cavies for a dear friend of mine wrote for both rabbit and cavies today, that was a mouthful. On Sunday we did it all over again! Showed our breeds three times, I ran the Eastern Harlequin Rabbit Club Specialty, showed angoras 3 times,  as well as Harlequins three times helped up and coming angora youth exhibitors with grooming.

In all 5 shows which includes the Eastern Harlequin Rabbit Club Specialty Show Jessica’s junior Japanese Buck “Tractor” won 1st in his class. Tractor received some really great comments from various judges across the country (NC, TN, TX, CA and OH).  Jessica’s English Angora, Cupid was shown in youth in 5 shows over the weekend. For the 6th show he won Best of Breed in Youth! My Giant Angora won Best of Breed in all 6 shows.

I had the pleasure of grooming some magnificent English Angoras for my friend of Heart Felt Hares in NC. Big thank you to my daughter Jessica for keeping me straight and helping all the other angora and Harlequin exhibitors as well!

Yup, Jessica and I are ready to do it all again on Saturday, lol.

Upcoming show weekend in NC 3/22-3/23

Upcoming show weekend in NC 3/22-3/23

Jessica and I are preparing for our upcoming show weekend in Greensboro, NC. This weekend we will be taking Elaine’s pigs as well to show plus a few of our own for the Double Cavy Show. I am also in charge of the United Angora Rabbit Club Specialty Show on Saturday and the Eastern Harlequin Rabbit Club Specialty Show on Sunday.  On Saturday angora will be shown three times, and Harlequins will be shown twice and cavies will be shown twice. I have my running shoes packed. On Sunday, angoras are again shown three times, Harlequins three times but the cavies get a rest. The North Carolina Rabbit Breeders Association really put on a great show with an outstanding raffle tables! Last time I showed at this show I won an item with all kinds of gift cards for coffee and Burger King, Taco Bell and Wendy’s.

Richmond Rabbit Breeders Association 3/15

Richmond Rabbit Breeders Association 3/15

The day started off a little chilly when we left Delaware it was around 32 degrees by the end of the day it felt like it was 65 in Aylett. VA. Hard to believe my mom called to tell us that is was supposed to snow on Sunday up to 6 inches.  Jessica and I had a stress free day at the rabbit and cavy show. Between the two of us we showed 3 rabbits and 2 cavies.  However, we took our friend Elaine’s pigs to show as well. We had the pleasure of showing some really outstanding American, American Satins and a cute, cute Aby Satin Boar.

In show A under Travis Finkle, one of Elaine’s American Satin’s won Reserve In Show.  I do not remember what my Silkie Flow Rider won. Between Jessica and I we won Best of Breed English Angora, Giant Angora and Harlequins (we were the only exhibitors).

In show B under Peg Hailey my Silkie Flow Rider won Best of Breed. Again Jessica and I won Best of Breed English Angora, Giant Angora and Harlequins (we were the only exhibitors). 

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Laura Freeman, Kim Burgess and others who made it possible for the cavy show this weekend in VA.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cavy Show Results from Georgia

Jessica had a fanatic time at the NW Georgia Rabbit & Cavy Club this year in Dalton, GA.  Jessica showed her gorgeous Broken Texel sow for the 1st time. Little did we know that Whirligg’s Fluttershy would win Best of Breed under Linda Clevenger and Michael Franke? Thanks to some excellent grooming tips from fellow cavy exhibitors Heather and Nancy for assisting Jessica on Friday night with Fluttershy. Thank you to Fluttershy’s breeder Kim Burgess for in trusting Jessica with one of your own.