Sunday, September 23, 2012

Delmarva Rabbit & Cavy Club 9/22/12

Jessica did very well at the Delmarva Rabbit & Cavy Club yesterday. While Jessica was off showing her bunnies I was writing for just about every breed Chris Howell was judging in both shows. That's one thing every club needs is a good writer who can multitask the comment cards as well as the control sheets. In between writing for Chris Howell, I was also working with the show Registrar towards my now Registrars requirements.

Jessica won BOB Giant Angora, BOB English Spot, BOS English Spot, BOB Harlequin, in the 1st show. She also placed the same in the second shows except for BOS in stead of BOB Harlequin in show B.

Fuzzibutt's Apple Bottom Jeans "Shorty"

Our club had a great raffle table.

Jessica with Chris Howell with her BOB Giant Angora Fuzzibutt's Apple Bottom Jeans "Shorty"

Jessica with one of her Harlequins 

Jessica's English Spot up for Best In Show

Fuzzibutt's Apple Bottom Jeans "Shorty" 

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