Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3rd Judge down towards my Registrar's License

The club members of the Washington County Rabbit Breeders Association were so kind to allow me to work with my 3rd Judge towards my Registrar's License. I had the great privilege to work with Tom Berger from Indiana.

The more and more I worked with the Dutch breed, the more and more I’ve been thinking about getting a trio to play around with. At this time I’m not sure which variety I would do. I really think the Blue and Chocolate are very striking! However, if I decided to pursue this idea of mine in the future…one of my angora breeds or the Jersey Woolies would have to be placed 1st. It’s that darn little thing called “cage space.” I wish the cage making fairies would come and make me some more cages then I could get some Dutch to play with.

Honestly, the Dutch breed in its self has always intimidated me. Every judge I’ve worked with these past two weekends have told me to think of them as pure white rabbits with no markings. Look for the best type rabbit in the class and go from there, examine markings 2nd. I was very lucky that all three shows I worked at I had large classes of Dutch to get hands on experience with. The Dutch breeders are great…I spoke too many of them who allowed me to put my hands on them again after the show was over. Thank you!
I also seen a lot of really nice New Zealand’s in the show on Sunday. There were Black, Broken, Red and of course whites.  

I also want to personally thank all the exhibitors for being patience with me as I was examining there rabbits.
Sorry no photos this time with me behind the judges table. My photographer was off showing her own breeds.

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