Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2nd Judge down towards my Registrar's License

The club members of the South Jersey Rabbit & Cavy Club were so nice to allow me to work with my 2nd Judge towards my Registrar's License. I had the great privilege to work with Bonnie Burdick from New York.

Talk about lots of experience...I worked with a lot of breeds on Saturday. Even better, there were large classes... I know there was over 50 French Lops, 15 Checkered Giants, lots of Holland Lops, 20 + Standard Chinchilla's. I don't remember the exact numbers of the other breeds. But I do know I was able to put my hands on the following breeds: Americans, Dutch, Tans, Thrianta's, Satins, Mini Satins, Giant Chinchillas, English Lops, Silver Martens and I think there were a few more I forgot to write down.
I also want to personally thank all the exhibitors for being patience with me as I was examining there rabbits.
Sorry no photos this time with me behind the judges table. My photographer was off showing her own breeds.

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