Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baltimore & Howard County Rabbit Show 4/21/12

What a beautiful day for a rabbit show. In the morning the weather was cool and breezy by late afternoon things were starting to warm up a bit. We were able to watch some of the National Dwarf Hotot Specialty Show. I've always like the little white rabbits with the black mascara on.

There was a great turn out of Angora people for yesterday’s show. In Satin Angoras there were at least 9 Satin Angoras entered from the following states: DE (Melissa aka "Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry"), PA, VA and WV.

My little Satin Angora Colored Junior Buck won BOV and Best of Breed Satin Angora for his 1st Leg towards his Grand Champion Certificate under Judge Peter Velcheck from NJ.

In French Angora there was only one little White Junior Doe who was shown by my friend from WV Benjamin R.

In Giant Angoras there was 7 shown and Fuzzibutt's Gigantor won Best of Breed for a Leg and Best In Wool, while Fuzzibutt's It's Poppin "Lip Gloss" won Best Opposite Sex.

There was a large turnout in English Angoras, especially the colored junior buck and doe classes. I think each of those classes had at least 6 shown. There was Alyssa/MD, Anita/MD who also won Best of Breed Congratulations! There was Donna/MD and Dru/NJ and darn I can't think of the other lady who was exhibiting English Angoras (sorry).

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  1. Congrats!!! Look like you had a hectic but fun day!