Wednesday, September 25, 2013

South Jersey Rabbit Show 9/21/13

South Jersey Rabbit Show 9/21/13

I must say there was a nice turn out of Harlequin exhibitors! I counted at least 10 in Open and 8 in Youth. I know a few of us in the area are really trying to encourage others to work with Harlequins. Sorry but I do not know the results of the Open Harlequin Show.

In the youth show, A Jessica’s Chocolate Magpie Senior Doe won Best of Breed for her 1st leg towards her Grand Championship.


Here is Jessica and her Harlequin being groomed and waiting for the Best In Show Judging to commence.



In youth show, B Jessica’s English Angora Frazzle won Best of Breed. Here is Frazzle and Jessica waiting for Best In Show to be judged.



In the Open Rabbit Barn I did not do to bad myself. Even with my back hurting! My English Lop Darth Vader won his junior buck class under Jim Rowland. My English Angora junior buck Watson placed 2nd under Mary Ellen Stamets in Show A.

In Show B Watson was 1st place under Don Sheets and Lorelei my Satin Angora junior doe was Best of Breed.

A special THANK YOU to all of my fellow exhibitors that helped me groom, carry and hold rabbits while my back was bothering me! You are all awesome!

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