Friday, September 6, 2013

ARBA National Youth Entries Complete, YAY!

On August 31, 2013 Jessica complete all of her entries for the following ARBA National Youth Contest …Achievement, Management and Royalty.  Jessica will be competing with ARBA Youth Members from across the country!

For the Youth Achievement Contest is to acknowledge outstanding achievement and leadership by ARBA youth members in the rabbit and or cavy industry, as measure by activities and leadership in organizations and associations, performance at the show table, achievements in breeding and raising animals and the vision and the goals set for themselves in their projects. This included answering 13 questions with a maximum of 7 pages and 4500 words.

The Youth Management Contest is to acknowledge excellence of management style by ARBA youth members in the areas of housing and equipment, feeding and care of the animals, disease control as well as record keeping, breeding and genetics for the care and production of rabbits and or cavies. Jessica had to answer 18 questions 

The purpose of the Royalty Contest is to acknowledge excellence among ARBA youth members in attendance at the ARBA National Convention and Show;  to allow these members to demonstrate a working knowledge of the rabbit and cavy industry; to explore critical thinking skills, demonstrate personal initiative and provide problem-solving , decision making and goal setting activities. 

With the Royalty Contest Jessica had to answer 16 questions with a minimum of 5 pages and no more than 4500 words. She will also be judging a class of animals, breed ID, and other contest.

 I will let you know if Jessica places in any of these event’s towards the end of October, keep your fingers crossed!

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