Thursday, April 10, 2014

On a beautiful day like today

On a beautiful day like today, who wants to be cooped up inside working on school work? Not, me! So I decided to go out and groom some of my angora rabbits and the one’s I’m babysitting. Three of the angoras needed to be prepped and groomed before our big trip to Iowa for Angora Nationals. Than my adult ADA set in, lol. I wanted to snap some photos of the three contenders that will be making their way cross county for Angora Nationals.
 Fuzzibutt's Fur to Pleeze "Fur Keeps"

This is G.C. Heart Felt Hare's Libby, Reg. Owned by Debbie in NC.

This is Heart Felt Hare's Hoda, owned by Debbie in NC.

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