Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baltimore & Howard Rabbit Club 4/5/14

An honorable mention from Judge Mr. Whaley of NC for Best 4-Class went to G.C. Heart Felt Hares Libby, Reg. which was a great honor in itself. I have been babysitting Libby for my good friend Debbie of Heart Felt Hares in NC. Not to mention one of the American (Guinea Pigs) that I have been babysitting for won Best In Show for my good friend Elaine in MD. Jessica’s Harlequin, Tractor won Best of Breed in both shows and my Giant Angora Fur Keep’s won 2nd in his class to a lovely buck that is owned my good friend Melanie in VA.  I have the great opportunity to groom the Best of Breed Giant Angora, and some very promising Satin Angoras junior does for Melanie. I had a great time chatting with the lady who got me started in the Giant Angora breed over 8 years ago, Judy Osborn.
G.C. Heart Felt Hares Libby, Reg.

Heart Felt Hares Hoda also owned by Debbie

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  1. Working with you is a pleasure, with you and Jessica, my show bunns were in such great, trusted hands while I recouped from my shoulder surgery this year. Big thanks to you and the Fuzzibutt gang.

    Your grooming is to dye for ;)