Friday, January 3, 2014

Occasionally we may have a few rabbits and or Cavy's available to pet/retirment homes...

Occasionally we may have a few Cavy's available to pet/retirement home. 
This little guys is named Whizzer. When he was a baby he would pee on me every time I picked him up. He has since grown out of that, thank goodness. Whizzer has been shown as a junior Peruvian Broken Boar. He is still being coated out for show. I am parting with him because he needs more patches of white on him  succeed in open competition. He has been handled often, used to being bathed, groomed and blow dried. He does not come with a pedigree. Please inquire for price.
This is Whizzer showing his white patches as a baby.
This is what Whizzer looks like currently with his coat still being coated out for show.

Henry is a Self Red Abyssinian Boar. He is not show quality due to a few missing rosettes. However, this will not stop him from being a great pet. Henry will not be sold with a pedigree. Please inquire for price.


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