Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Now the waiting game begins

On Friday 1/17 my daughter and I drove to Bluff City, TN from Delaware (8 hour drive each way) and stayed at our good friend’s home. I was scheduled to take my Cavy Registrars Exam on Saturday. After a wonderful breakfast and many cups of coffee I took my “Oral Exam.” This consisted of examining multiple cavies for disqualifications, and color identification. I even needed to tag a piggy. After that adventure I went and took my written test which consisted of 75 questions from the ARBA Standard of Perfection.  After lunch and chatting for quite a while Jessica and I hit the road and headed back to Delaware.

Now the waiting game begins to find out if I passed my test or not, I needed to score a 70% or better on both the oral and written parts of the exam. If I passed I will be sent a packet in the mail which will include four sealed envelopes for me to hand out to three different judges and the Cavy Registrar I choose to work with. I need to work three cavy shows and have the endorsement of two different cavy judges. The key is to find judges who do not judge the same local shows. I will also need to work with a cavy registrar and obtain their endorsement as well. Once all the paper work reaches the ARBA Office and is reviewed I should get my Cavy Registrars Certificate in the mail.

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