Friday, April 17, 2015

ACBA National Specality Results

Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry and Caviary represented the little state of Delaware well this past weekend 4/11/15 in Berea, Ohio at the 2015 American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA) National Specialty Show. The show was held at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. The theme was We will Rock you in Cleveland! That they did. This was my first time attending Cavy Nationals...and to boot I exhibited cavies from my own breeding's (I bred both parents) except for Vodka's sire.

I enjoyed the judges conference on Friday night. Saturday night was a nice banquet hosted by the Ohio Cavy Club. These ladies and gentleman really outdid themselves! On Sunday there was the Ohio Cavy Club show...again, my piggy's did really well. On Monday my travel buddy and myself went to the Rock N Roll Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. I even rode the "train" for the very first time.

Fuzzibutt's Bayleigh was 1st in her class and BJV (she needs an updated photo as well).
Fuzzibutt's Twist of Time won 1st in his class and BIV. I need to take an updated photo of him, lol.

Fuzzibutt's Piccadilly placed 1st in her class and won BOSV

Fuzzibutt's Vodka On The Rocks placed 2nd in his class

Fuzzibutt's Defying Gravity placed 1st in his class

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