Monday, June 16, 2014

Angora Baby Cuteness

Angora Baby Cuteness

*Please note none of these little one's are for sale. If, for some reason one would become available we will post on our blog and website*
We are Black Giant Angoras

We are Satin Angoras

We are REW Giant Angoras

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  1. Just found out about your blog and I must say I am really jelous on you. The reason? I wish there were Angoras in my country. They are so beautiful, and your's are so cute. Also, your Harlis look charming as well. You are definitely getting on my reading list. I myself breed meat rabbits, but am thinking about switching to purebreed New Zealand Reds and hopefully there is a way to import a pair of Angora's from some country near. I also have a blog, so if you have any spare time, I would really appreciate if you payed a visit: Once again, I am so jelous over your Angoras. Have a nice day.