Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baltimore & Howard RCBA Results from 11/16/13

Baltimore & Howard RCBA Results from 11/16/13

Here are the results from the show in West Friendship, MD, sorry for the late posting.

English Angora-Watson 3/3 under Robert Frizzel

Flemish Giant- Lover Boy 1/1 under Robert Frizzel

Giant Angora- Danty Best of Breed under Robert Frizzle

In the Open Show Jessica did good with her rabbits.

English Angora- Frizzle 1/1 under Robert Frizzel

English Angora- Frazzle 2/3 under Robert Frizzel

Harlequin- Shakira won Best of Breed and a leg under Owen Yates.

In the Youth Show the bunnies placed: 

English Angora- Frizzel won BOSV/BOSB under Pam Nock

English Angora- Frazzel 2/2 under Pam Nock

Harlequin- Shakira 1/1 BOG under Pam Nock

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