Sunday, December 9, 2012

Richomond Rabbit Breeders Assocaiton Show

I was debating whether or not to go to the show because my helper, Jessica was not feeling well when I went to wake her up at 1:30 am on Saturday. After two cups of coffee I got myself motivated and ready to go out the door to pack the car up. It was so foggy I could hardly see the car from the rabbitry. Thank goodness I always leave super early so I can take my time driving. I took three different breeds. Crazy, I know! I took my one and only Checkered Giant, Rex and Satin Angoras.

I am glad I decided to go even though I went by myself! Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry did very well at the show.

Richomond Rabbit Breeders Association Show A...
Best In Show
Nutfield's Maple Syrup 

My Checkered Giant junior buck won 2nd place under Stacey Martin in Show A. In the 2nd show he won 2nd place under Chris Howell. There were at least 4 exhibitors and I think 11 or 12 Checkered Giants Shown in both shows. I do remember there was 5 Black SR Bucks in the 2nd show because I was the writer. A HUGE THANK YOU GOES out to Stephen Pappas for showing my buck ADD in show A for me!

In Show A, Peter Velcheck judge Rex. My Californian Junior Doe won Best of Breed and my Broken Junior Buck won BOSB.

In Show B, Robert Frizzel judged Rex. My Broken Senior Doe won Best of Breed and my Broken Junior Buck won BOSB.

As far as the Satin Angoras go there were 8 entered with at least 5 exhibitors. The Satin Angoras in Show A were judged by Robert Frizzell. We won Best of Breed with Nutfield's Maple Syrup, BOSB went to my Junior Buck..Fuzzibutt's Yee-Haw and 1st place Junior doe went to Fuzzibutt's That's So Raven. 

In the 2nd show Satin Angoras were judged by Peter Velcheck. There were 7 Satin Angoras entered by 5 exhibitors. Best of Breed went to Nutfield's  Maple Syrup, BOSB went to Fuzzibutt's Yee-Haw, and 1st place junior doe went to Fuzzibutt's That's So Raven.

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