Saturday, November 3, 2012

Convention Results for Oopsie Daisy Rabbitry

Convention Results form Wichita, Kansas for the ARBA Convention
 Oopsie Daisy Rabbitry ... aka "Jessica"

In youth Harlequins...
~Starck's Honeysuckle placed 1st in her class of Harlequin Magpie Junior Does

In youth English Spots....
~ Wool Creek's Booty Circle "Zumba" was 4th in her Black Junior Doe Class
~ Watch Me Run 2Q3, Reg. "Keagan" was 1st in his class as well as BOSV Blue Senior Buck
~Hannah's Megan "Megan" was 3rd in her Chocolate Junio Doe Class
~Watch Me Run 1Z1, Reg. "Teagan" was 3rd in his Chocolate Senior Buck Class

Way to go Jessica! Now she's planning on exhibiting at English Spot Nationals in Kentucky as well as Harlequin Nationals in Wisconsin in 2013.

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