Saturday, June 30, 2012

Keeping Rabbits Cool

With the temperatures hitting upwards of 102-105 here in Delaware lately...we have decided to move all of our juniors and show stock into the house. We keep our house nice and cool with the a/c and fans running full time in my spare bedroom just for the rabbits.

Our rabbitry is insulated and it's pretty cool, for those rabbis who are still out in the rabbitry we carry frozen water bottles out to everyone a few times a day. We go out every 1/2 hour to mist the rabbit’s ears with cool water. We have fans running 24/7 for the rabbits. We are very blessed that we have not lost one life due to this summer’s heat weaves!

This is what my spare room looks like right now....rabbit pans are emptied and cleaned twice a day then sprayed with white vinegar to keep the smell down.

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